Need a capital reserve study for your association, club, resort, school or religious institution?

Miller+Dodson, Capital Reserve Consultants has specialized for 30 years in providing replacement reserve studies to Community Associations, Religious and Educational Facilities, Resort Communities, Golf Courses, and Country Clubs.  Whether your organization is looking to assess its current financial structure or develop a detailed sustainable funding strategy for the future, Miller+Dodson provides the necessary insight to help make the most informed decisions. Our reserve fund reports are intuitive, easy to read, and complete. Click to view our sample reserve study reports.

What We Do - Capital Reserve Consulting

  • Homeowners Capital Reserve Studies
    Reserve Studies for
    Homeowners Associations

    Why are Replacement Reserves essential for your Homeowners Association?

    One of the primary duties of the Association is to protect and enhance residential property values.

    Properly maintaining and replacing the common assets of any community starts with financial sustainability.

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  • Capital Reserve Studies for Condo Associations
    Reserve Studies for
    Condominium Associations

    How can your condominium protect, preserve and enhance property values with proper Replacement Reserves?

    For 30 years, Miller+Dodson has been the partner in financially sustainable solutions for Capital Replacements.

    Your condo can benefit from our expertise and experience too!

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  • Capital Reserve Studies for Golf Communities
    Reserve Studies for
    Country Clubs and Golf Communities

    Are your facilities attracting members and is your course still the jewel of the Club?

    Consider a Reserve Study! A proper long-term maintenance and replacement plan starts with financial sustainability.

    For 30 years, Miller+Dodson has been working with Clubs to help them achieve their future goals.

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  • Capital Reserve Studies for Resort Communities
    Reserve Studies for
    Resorts and Timeshares

    Are you thinking about the stability of your investment and the costs to keep your resort amenities competitive?

    Miller+Dodson has been working with financially sustainable resorts just like yours for 30 years.

    A Reserve Study is the long-term financial planning tool you need.

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  • Capital Reserve Studies for Churches
    Reserve Studies for
    Religious Institutions

    Does the thought of another Capital Campaign wear you down?

    There is another way to plan for your Capital Replacement Costs.  Miller+Dodson, Capital Reserve Consultants for 30 years!

    Your Religious Institution can take advantage of a Reserve Study.

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  • Capital Reserve Studies for Schools
    Reserve Studies for
    Schools and Educational Facilities

    Concerned that your educational mission may be jeopardized by unplanned building costs?

    Replacement Reserves will take the mystery out of capital replacement costs.

    Miller+Dodson, for 30 years, the leading consult in the field of financial sustainability for institutions like yours.

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